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  If we want to save this world, we have all to pitch in!

We offer to customers the broadest range of products from leading producers across Europe as well as in the United States and Canada.
Our experienced local sales and technical teams ensure we provide differentiated and value-added solutions to our customer's requirements,  whatever their size or level of complexity.

TRANS WORLD TRADING Co., S.A., prides itself on being diligent about Eco-Friendly products and programs. We are staunch supporters of environmental responsibility, and are active in  programs and products to support their beliefs.

Our Products bottles and cans are reusable and recyclable.
We choose suppliers that do not test on animals.
We are setting up a complete "customer support materials" that will be available on-line to reduce the use of paper.
 We try to create a smaller footprint by  eliminating all unnecessary packaging.

Our Manufacturers are certified as Environmentally Preferred Products (E.P.P.): Increases usage amount, offering concentrates; more than 50% of the ingredients are from replenishable materials, many packaging designed to be refillable; some products utilize 50% less preservatives.

Our Commitment to Green Marketing

We also specialize in sourcing eco-friendly products that lessen the impact on our environment during the promotional item's product cycle. At this current time we cannot provide all products in our line that are manufactured from 100% recycled materials or fully compostable plastics, but that is in our near future. What we can provide is assistance and consulting to help you find a product that has minimal impact on our environment and a clear plan to help the end user recycle, renew or reuse.

We at Trans World Trading, C.O., S.A. are very proud of our environmentally friendly efforts. We recycle as much of our distribution center waste as possible. Often our distribution center uses only natural light in order to conserve energy, and uses very little energy for heating and cooling. Many products we sell are becoming more and more "green-friendly". We also offer free recycling of any products we sell.  

TRANS WORLD TRADING Co., S.A. is always striving to find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.