INEOS Enterprises consists of a group of eight businesses, each a leader in its area of activity. The Company is focussed on the developing needs of customers and rapid growth through investment in new products and manufacturing facilities or by acquisition. The INEOS Enterprises spirit is entrepreneurial and we are always seeking to invest in new market opportunities.

We continue to make investments across our manufacturing operations to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of safety and environmental performance - demonstrating our commitment to the Chemical Industries Association's world-wide 'Responsible Care' philosophy.

Product reliability is complemented by a strong focus on customer needs, and we place great emphasis on working alongside our customers in a partnership geared to preparing for future market and product demands.


We are the UK's largest manufacturer of vacuum salt products for industrial and domestic applications. From our dedicated vacuum salt plant at Runcorn, Cheshire we supply the full range of quality products that fit most applications and industry needs including food salts, water softening salts, animal feed, industrial and chemical, and de-icing salts. The purity of our vacuum salts give top performance in all applications; our HYDROSOFT™ salt is Britain's leading water softening brand.
INEOS Enterprises' Brine & Water Business is the lifeblood of the local chemical industry in the North West of England, providing an essential raw material in the form of brine for the production of chlor-alkali products.
Our activities are centred in mid-Cheshire where we have been solution-mining for brine for more than 70 years.
The business is growing through major investment to support expansion of our key customers and new activities, for example gas storage.
INEOS Enterprises is the world's largest producer of synthetic ethanol. Ethanol is one of the largest volume organic chemicals used in industrial and consumer products.
A wide range of denatured ethanol grades are available that are tailored to meet Customs & Excise and customer requirements in industrial market sectors around the world. In Europe, INEOS operates close to the marketplace through numerous denaturing terminals.
INEOS also markets fermentation ethanol for use in beverage and fuel markets.
We are the number one producer of sulphur chemical products in the UK and have expanded our product range and market penetration outside the UK by acquisition and major investment in new manufacturing capability.
Our operations are based at Runcorn, Cheshire. Here we have a world class production facility, to which we have recently added a new ultra pure sulphuric acid plant capable of delivering the highest quality products to the pharmaceuticals and technology markets.
INEOS Enterprises is moving forward with a major strategy to achieve significant growth in its biodiesel business in Europe.
With the aim of becoming the first truly pan European supplier to meet the significant growth
in biodiesel demand predicted for Europe, our first step will be to achieve 2 million tonnes of biodiesel output by 2012.
This strategy is underpinned by major plant investments proposed for the UK and Continental Europe.
Operating from our production facility in Koln (Germany) the Ammonia Business is a leading supplier to the fertiliser, explosives and polymers industries.
  Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) is the latest product line to be added to the ever growing INEOS Enterprises portfolio.
Manufactured at our Saltend Site, Hull (UK), VAM is frequently used in the production of paints; furniture and flooring adhesives; textiles, clothing and footwear; paper coatings; packaging; and safety glass for cars and buildings.
Our VAM plant has a capacity of some 250,000 tonnes per annum, making INEOS Enterprises one of Europe's leading suppliers of this versatile chemical.
Our range of CEREPLAS™ esters (adipates, trimellitates and sebacates) are sold into the flexible PVC market for the production of packaging films, automotive trim and medical devices. Our focus is on high performance, high quality phthalate free esters.
Our esters plant at Baleycourt in France has been producing esters for plasticisers for some 40 years.
We remain committed to grow our business and to develop new innovative products to meet our customer requirements.